Temporary staffing solutions offer financial and logistical benefits that library administrators should consider when solving their staffing problems. A long-term staff absence, or staffing a needed special project can wipe out a year’s “on call” budget quickly, and become a burden on the on-call staff. A short-term hire may be a better choice, but that has added expenses for the town or institution. Staffing agencies present qualified candidates, saving the library administration from sorting through the deluge of resumes that come in after a position is posted. That’s valuable time that could be committed other places. Reference checks and screenings are also performed by the temporary staffing agency, saving the town or school’s personnel time. And because temporary staff are never on the library’s payroll, the governing agency doesn’t have to absorb other costs like unemployment and benefits. MLS’s BiblioTemps® the staffing solution for libraries, makes temporary staffing even more convenient and reassuring by offering candidates with experience in the systems and environment of Massachusetts libraries, prescreened for the best possible match to the unique DNA of each library. As a non-profit staffing agency, you can be confident that overhead costs are low. Ninety Massachusetts libraries have used BiblioTemps® since 2012. Visit bibliotemps.com to learn more.