The Massachusetts Library System (MLS) is seeking volunteers from among the membership to serve on the Executive Board.  Board members are elected to represent our multi-type membership, i.e., academic, special, school, and public libraries from all parts of the Commonwealth.  Three new board members and three renewing board members will be elected for three-year terms, beginning January 2019.  The Council of Members will approve a slate of candidates and officers at the November 2018 annual meeting.

We have only one special library representative and one representative from the northeastern part of the Commonwealth on the Board.  We encourage applications from these areas and all other types and areas.  Board members come from all positions in member libraries.  Volunteers need not be the library director.  Occasionally MLS has Board openings due to job changes that require us to fill additional slots on short notice from all types of libraries, it is good to have a pool to draw from.

The Executive Board governs the business and affairs of MLS. It typically meets for three hours, twelve times a year. Most meetings are held at the MLS office in Marlborough and some meetings are held at our Northampton office, others may be held at other locations around the state.  The option to attend remotely is available; however, in-person attendance allows for the most effective communications and relationships.  We traditionally invite incoming members to an orientation meeting in December, prior to their taking office.


Nominations close at 5:00 p.m., Friday, July 6, 2018. We have a lengthy nominating period and announce early to encourage those who may not work in the summer to participate.  Nominating Committee recommendations will be announced by early fall.

Please contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Henry Toromoreno ( or MLS staff liaisons, Greg Pronevitz ( or Betsy Meaden ( if you have questions.  MLS bylaws are available at  Current Board roster is at

Tentative meeting schedule for 2019

December 10, 2018 – 10-12 Orientation new members; 12-1 Lunch; 1-4 Meeting (Marlborough)
January 14, 2019 – 1-4pm
February 11 – 1-4pm
March 18 – 1-4pm
April 15 – 1-4pm
May 20 – 1-4pm
June 17 – 1-4pm
July 15 – 1-4pm
August 19 – 1-4pm
September 16 – 1-4pm
October 21 – 1-4pm
November 4 – 9:30-TBA (Annual Meeting at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester)
December– 9 — 10-12 Orientation; 12-1 Luncheon; 1-4 Meeting (Marlborough)


The Nominating Committee for 2019 Elections

Henry Toromoreno, Haverhill High School, Chair

Karen Demers, Wilbraham Public Library

Stephanie Friree Ford, McLean Hospital, Belmont

Steve Mazzulli, North Quincy High School, Media Center

Mike Somers, West Bridgewater State University

Betsy Meaden, Staff Liaison

Greg Pronevitz, Staff Liaison