Book Hacks: recycled books with bookpage folding, treasure boxes, and ingenius journals

I attended two excellent workshops offered by MLS over the Fall, Get STEAMed: The How and Why of Adding STEAM to Your Library and Run with Scissors: Library Hacks and Creative Problem-Solving for You and Your Patrons. The presenters for these workshops, Christi and April, provided new inspiration for adult programs in my library. I created a three class series on Book Hacks in which we recycled books with bookpage folding, creating treasure boxes and ingenius journals. It was low cost, earth friendly, and most importantly creative which our patrons always enjoy. We talked about being hackers and hacks as we problem-solved our way through the projects. This spring we hosted a professional improv group, the Providence Improv Guild (PIG) at the library for one of the most original and enjoyable programs to my memory.

Michelle Gario
Michelle Gario

Thank you MLS staff for your spirit of fun and creativity and the the impact you’ve made on me and the patrons in my library.

Contributed by Michelle Gario, Senior Librarian, Adult Services at the Seekonk Public Library

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