MLS has begun an exciting partnership with Harvard University’s Democratic Knowledge Project. The partnership began after Dr. Danielle Allen spoke at the MLS 2017 Teen Summit as our opening keynote. April and Christi have been working with Dr. Allen and post-doctoral fellow, Chaebong Nam, on their IMLS grant proposal, “Young Changemakers in the 21st Century Library”. The grant funding would provide training to library staff to support the civic engagement of youth in Massachusetts. The partnership will focus on professional development, knowledge creation and sharing, and assessment strategies for new civics in library settings. A pilot workshop of “Young Changemakers in the 21st Century Library” was recently held at the Marlborough office with 12 attendees representing school, public and academic libraries from around the state. The workshop introduced the reflection-action framework, known as “The Ten Questions for Young Changemakers,” which was drawn from multiyear research conducted by the MacArthur Foundation’s Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network. The Ten Questions Framework serves as a set of ethical guidelines that young people can count on to meet challenges and derive benefits from the new media environment. Visit to access the Ten Questions and resources including a teaching guide, downloadable mini-posters and instructional videos.