Here are some surprising statistics. The data in the chart below was collected from the 2016 SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking Survey.


Number of respondents Median Average
Time-to-fill 1,192 30 days 42 days
Cost-per-hire 864 $2,000 $4,129


There are potentially high costs in recruiting alone such as advertisement, time cost of internal recruiter, time cost in reviewing resumes and performing other recruitment-related tasks, time cost of the person conducting the interviews, reference checks, CORI checks, and processing onboarding paperwork.

To make matters worse The NFIB Research Foundation found that 85% of small businesses looking to fill open positions found no applicants. (NFIB)

Glassdoor says, “The interview processes in America have grown by 3.3 to 3.7 days since 2009. Today it stands at 22.9 days on average”.

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