Survey Instructions

It’s that time of year again and we need your help! MLS will be collecting delivery statistics from all member libraries that receive delivery via the delivery service. Accurate figures on how delivery is used help us determine how to allocate funding during our planning and budgeting process.

As we did in October, we will be collecting data online using a Zoomerang survey. We have created an online survey to capture delivery statistics, including bins put into delivery, bins delivered and items put into delivery. Additionally, we are asking each library to report the number of extra bins it has on hand on the Friday of the delivery survey week so we can assess our current inventory.

In addition to the delivery survey statistics we are attempting to capture, we have included an optional section relating to the external barcoding policy and libraries’ plans for external barcoding. We ask that you answer these questions as best you can so MLS can determine how best to utilize its resources to help libraries meet the barcoding policy requirements.

A reminder email will be sent out via the Delivery Listservs several days before the start of the survey week. This reminder will include a link to the survey. Additionally, you may access the survey [here]. For a printable version of these instructions, including a worksheet for recording delivery statistics, please click [Delivery Instructions].

Lastly, we understand colleges and universities typically have spring break during the month of March. If the survey week falls during your college or university’s spring break, you may complete the survey for the week prior or the week after, whichever is more convenient.

Please review the instructions and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, you may contact us at either 781-398-1819 / 866-627-7228 or via email at

Thank you for your help!