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Thank you for inquiring about membership to the Massachusetts Library System (MLS). Before we can complete this process we need some additional pieces of information from you. Please complete the form below.

If you are an Elementary and/or Middle School Librarian who serves multiple school libraries you must fill out this form for each of the schools you serve.

If you have any questions please contact –

Amanda Fauver
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508-357-2121 ext. 309
Pronouns: she, her, hers

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    Membership Participation Agreement

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    The purpose of the Massachusetts Library System is to provide supplementary library services to the cities and towns in the region in accordance with M.G.L. 78, section 19 and regulations and administrative guidelines of the Board of Library Commissioners. Services to be provided by the Massachusetts Library System are specified by the Board of Library Commissioners.

    As a participant in the Massachusetts Library System, the Library/School/Institution is entitled to receive Library System services and statewide supplemental services provided through the Board of Library Commissioners.

    The Library/School/Institution certifies that it meets all eligibility requirements as specified in the attached Certification of Membership Eligibility and agrees to participate in interlibrary loan activities within the Commonwealth in accordance with the National Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, where applicable. The participating library also agrees to cooperate in provision of appropriate statistics on its use of regional and statewide library materials and services.

    It is understood that this agreement is reviewed and renewed (where applicable) every year. Libraries/Schools/Institutions that no longer meet eligibility requirements after review will be terminated from membership.

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