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Phone: 508-357-2121
Toll Free: 866-627-7228 (in Massachusetts only)
Fax (Marlborough): 508-357-2122
Fax (Northampton): 413-586-0727

Consulting & Advisory Services

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Bogart, Laura
Resource Sharing Assistant
866-627-7228 x318
Bowen, Kathryn
Resource Sharing Assistant
866-627-7228 x321
DeMers, Alison
Resource Sharing Librarian
866-627-7228 x317
Donnelly, Sarah
Event and Project Manager

866-627-7228 x301
MichelleEberle_MLSEberle, Michelle

866-627-7228 x305
Farrar, Christi
866-627-7228 x323
Fauver, Amanda
Membership and BiblioTemps Manager
866-627-7228 x309
Flynn, Heidi
Resource Sharing Assistant
866-627-7228 x303
Gaudet, Dodie
MassCat Cataloger
866-MASSCAT x100

Photo of man wearing glassesGalindo, Oscar-Lanza-
866-627-7228 x121
BiblioTemps Assistant
866-627-7228 x322
Kehoe, Scott
Library Resources Director
866-627-7228 x308
Meaden, Betsy
Business and Human Resources Director
866-627-7228 x119
MacLean, Shirley
Member Services / Office Support
866-627-7228 x130
mandyMalikowski, Mandy
Delivery Coordinator
866-627-7228 x115
Photo of Jack MartinMartin, Jack
Communications Manager
866-627-7228 x328
McQuown, Terry
Consulting & Training Services Director
866-627-7228 x302
Nguyen, Vincent
Resource Sharing Assistant
866-627-7228 x316
Popp, Anna
866-627-7228 x118
Refah, Lida
Staff Accountant
866-627-7228 x300
Santillo, Tressa
Electronic Resources Manager
866-627-7228 x320
Sogigian, Sarah
MLS Executive Director
866-627-7228 x311
Stimpson, Jane
866-627-7228 x327
Thomas, Amos
IT Specialist & Webmaster
866-627-7228 x120
Washburn, Hillary
Instructional Designer & LMS Administrator
866-627-7228 x326