Our Mission

The Massachusetts Library System (MLS) provides services to about 1,600 Massachusetts libraries of all types and sizes throughout the Commonwealth. MLS was established in July 2010 with the following mission:

The Massachusetts Library System, a state-supported collaborative, fosters cooperation, communication, innovation, and sharing among member libraries of all types. The Massachusetts Library System promotes equitable access to excellent library services and resources for all who live, work, or study in Massachusetts.

Strategic Plan 2021-2024



Our mission has always embraced social justice and the MLS Team is committed to providing services that benefit and contribute to the library profession’s core values: diversity, inclusion, equity, access to information, free expression, privacy, and social justice.

MLS Executive Board

To view a full list of our Executive Board and to review a schedule of future MLS Executive Board meetings please access: Executive Board Contacts​


The Value of MLS

MLS provides critical, cost-effective service to libraries statewide and returns more than $54 million in value to local municipalities. 

FY 2022 Annual Report

Learn more about MLS value to your library or town!

By Member Library

Learn more about the FY 2021 Library Legislative Agenda

FY 2021 Legislative Agenda Materials

Other Resources

Massachusetts Library Association

Massachusetts School Library Association

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

Hours & Locations

Monday – Friday | 9:00AM – 4:30PM

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