The Value of MLS Membership

MLS provides critical, cost-effective service to libraries statewide and returns more than $54 million in value to local municipalities. That’s more than $7 return on investment for every $1 in state funding!

FY 2021 Annual Report

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Sharing Resources and Statewide Delivery
MLS delivers nearly 15 million items among Massachusetts libraries. This saves local libraries time and money… more than $37 million each year!Discounts
MLS offers libraries discounts on books, technology, furniture and more. These contracts save more than $12 million annually!24/7 Digital Resources
Each year, school children, college students and other library visitors download more than 8 million full text articles from the databases. This program saves $7.5 million each year!Future-Ready Libraries
Training and support today help libraries to meet the challenges they will face tomorrow and beyond. This saves local libraries more than $600,000 annually!Summer Library Events
More than 400,000 kids, teens, and adults attend summer reading programs hosted by libraries throughout the Commonwealth with this support. This program saves libraries more than $400,000 each year!