What’s a WOMM Cohort and why should I care?

Word of Mouth Marketing is the bread and butter of library promotion because it’s cheap and easy, right? Not really. Sometimes it’s cheap, but it’s rarely easy. Word of Mouth Marketing is popular in libraries because it’s incredibly effective. However, there are nuances to planning a successful campaign, and MLS wants your communications to be successful.

WOMM Cohort 3 continues the opportunity for MLS member libraries to plan and implement a WOMM campaign with lots of support. MLS will provide an initial WOMM group training. You’ll learn the fundamentals of planning a WOMM campaign, and work with the other libraries in the Cohort – broadening your professional network. The program continues for four months with scheduled check-ins with your MLS Consultant leading the project, scheduled work groups, and ongoing communication among the Cohort.

This opportunity is made possible through the support of the MLS Executive Board of 2016 who authorized funding for a previous WOMM program, and the 25 libraries of Cohort One, who learned all sorts of lessons so that you wouldn’t have to. Check out the WOMM DIY Toolkit to see examples of WOMM campaigns to inspire you.

All MLS Member Libraries are invited to apply for WOMM Cohort 3. Applications are being accepted through February 19. Application link: https://forms.gle/PGA9uenhkbzKnpRj6

Libraries applying should be prepared to send staff to Kick Off training on July 9 at the Northborough Free Library.