Celebrate Earth Day by making a commitment to climate preparedness.   Sign up to offer a program for Climate Prep Week at your library in September.  Last year, Massachusetts libraries offered over 90 programs during Climate Preparedness Week across the Commonwealth.  If social distancing is still required in September, libraries can offer virtual programs for Climate Prep Week such as a virtual book discussion, story time, craft, or lecture.  All libraries (public, school, academic, and special) are invited to host programs for Climate Prep Week.  Massachusetts libraries also have the unique opportunity to serve as CREW Climate Resilience Hubs. Hubs are required to offer a program for Climate Prep Week each year, provide CREW materials, and display a decal at the library.

Curious to learn more about this collaboration and how your library can get involved?

Please view these webinars for ideas and inspiration:
Massachusetts Libraries Partner with Climate Preparedness Week
Massachusetts Libraries as CREW Resilience Hubs

I hope your library will take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

For more information, please reach Gideon Nachman at gideon@climatecrew.org