We are happy to announce that our 4th Project SET Cohort is currently putting the finishing touches on their presentations for the 2018 Annual Meeting. This year we will be examining the role of a Librarian as Citizen (educator and curator). Each year we begin Project SET with a deep dive into current and developing trends within the library community. We mix this research with a discussion of issues facing libraries. Participants engage in critical thinking exercises about our community while building on skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. These Annual Meeting presentations are an important part of the Project SET experience, which helps strengthen participants’ confidence, and their connection to the network of SET Alumni.

An overarching theme of this year’s presentations emerged during group discussions with our Cohort. This year’s presentations will begin by examining how librarians can create safer and more supportive environments for staff and patrons alike. Then we will explore the role librarians play in education, and how they can use this position to promote the value of libraries while providing support to the communities we serve. Finally, we will conclude by discussing the unique opportunities available to librarians in their roles as curators of library collections.

The twelve participants of Project SET have prepared presentations that will explore the role librarians’ play in society, examining our responsibilities to the communities we serve and how we can strengthen our positions as a vital and trusted community resource. Presenting for the first time or the one hundredth time can be scary and intimidating, so please come out on November 5th, 2018 to our Annual Meeting at the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Cheer on your colleagues and the presentations they’ve been working so hard on.

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