The Massachusetts Library System is pleased to announce the winners of the Climate Preparedness Week 2020 Drawing Contest. We had many wonderful entries and thank all the applicants who contributed drawings to the contest.  It’s our pleasure to announce the winners:

  • Harini Gada, age 8
  • Rayhan Riaz, age 10
  • Sebi Salvan, age 14

This year’s drawing contest theme was “Helping Each Other, Helping Our World.” Kids and teens of all ages were invited to share their drawings of ways in which we can help one another and our world be healthy and happy. Winners from each age group received a year-long family membership to the Trustees – Massachusetts’ largest preservation and conservation nonprofit with more than 100 reservations. The prizes were funded by the Blue Marble Librarians and Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW)  Held each year from Sept 24-30th and organized by Communities Responding to Extreme Weather, Climate Preparedness Week is dedicated to learning, service, and actions that better prepare our communities for extreme weather events.

Age Group 3-9 Winner: Harini Gada, age 8 

Drawing Contest Winner, Ages 3-9, Harini Gada
World is a better place when you help others and be kind.

Age Group 10 – 13 Winner:  Rayhan Riaz, age 10

Rayhan Riaz
Together We Can Change the World. Help Our World: Recycle, Use Solar Energy, Donate, Do Not Cut Trees, Reuse, Stop Pollution, Plant a Tree, Stop Plastics

Age Group 14 – 18 Winner:  Sebi Salvan, age 14

Drawing Contest Winner, Sebi Salvan
Helping the World: Save Energy, Recycle, Save Water, Plant a Tree, Garden

Thank you to Gabrielle Griffis, Assistant Youth Services Librarian at the Brewster Ladies Library, for generating the idea and coordinating logistics for this drawing contest. Thank you to the Blue Marble Librarians and CREW for selecting the winners. The Massachusetts Library System is pleased to partner with Communities Responding to Extreme Weather and the Blue Marble Librarians on Climate Preparedness Week.