It’s conference season!  Want to try something fun while attending virtual conferences and other virtual professional events?  Sketchnoting!  Sketchnoting is a technique of creating visual notes of classes and presentations.  It’s the perfect way to spice up attending virtual conferences and it will help you remember what you learned.  Interested to give it a try?  Check out this recent Massachusetts Library System webinar recording, Sketchnote:  Remember What You Learned presented by Sally Gore.  One attendee described this webinar as “the BEST online webinar I have ever attended.”  Hope you will give sketchnoting a try at upcoming events! If you would like to share your sketchnotes with colleagues,  you can use the hashtag #MLSsketchnote on Twitter.  Enjoy this fun and creative way to capture notes during professional development events!  
Sally Gore with Sketchnoties
Sally Gore with her sketchnotes