In this months News and Updates:

Intellectual Freedom Guide for Massachusetts Libraries

The Massachusetts Library System is pleased to announce a new resource guide to help our members promote intellectual freedom and respond to challenges: Intellectual Freedom Guide for Massachusetts Libraries

  • How to Respond to a Challenge
  • Essential Resources
  • Collection Development & Reconsideration Policies
  • Laws Related to Intellectual Freedom
  • Resources for Library Trustees
  • Books
  • Trainings
  • How to Get Involved and Fight Censorship

Social Work at Public Libraries: Blog Series

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to host a social work student intern at your library?  Curious about services that social workers can provide for patrons and library staff?  Have you thought about the potential benefits of social work services at your library?

Learn more in the Social Work at Public Libraries Blog Series:

Library Social Work Internships:  A Director’s Perspective
Kelly Linehan, Director, Waltham Public Library

Waltham Public Library Social Work Internship
Jessica Mawyer, MSW Student, Boston College School of Social Work

Library Social Work:  A Social Worker’s Perspective
Marie Mathieu, Library Social Worker, Cambridge Public Library

MHEC Launches the i-buy marketplace

MHEC Press Release: MHEC, the not-for-profit buying consortium for its New England members, launched their new e-commerce site, i-buy marketplace. This new free capability simplifies purchasing for MHEC members, regardless of contract, supplier, or product/service they desire. Like many other online shopping sites, i-buy equips members with the capabilities to compare products and pricing, brands, and suppliers. As a buying consortium, a key member benefit of i-buy, is its ability to enable members to buy from multiple contracts during the same shopping episode from reliable, vetted suppliers. Now, members have a tool that can serve as a “one stop” shopping experience. Continue reading…

A training video, a PDF with a list of steps, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available on the MHEC website.

Sarah and Rob on the road

Sarah Sogigian (MLS) and Rob Favini (MBLC) have been on the road visiting libraries. They’ve had a blast on these road trips, visiting with our member libraries and learning more about their work during the pandemic. They are booking their calendars for more visits; let them know if you’d like them to stop by. They would love to hear and to see all that you are doing to support your communities.

They will work with you to find a mutually appropriate date and time and will adhere to all safety guidelines. They are also available for virtual visits!

Sarah Sogigian –
Rob Favini –