What Is the “Digital Privacy & Technology Guide?”

By Michelle Spinney

The Library Freedom Project and Massachusetts Library Association’s Information Technology Section presents the Digital Privacy & Technology Guide. This new guide directs library workers to information on digital privacy and personal cybersecurity issues, open-source tools and software, and library advocacy resources. The tabs at the top of the page are:

Privacy Resources for the Public
Information for beginners as well as privacy workshop and instruction materials for library workers to share with the public.
Privacy Resources for K-12+
Family and youth cybersecurity tips as well as information on privacy rights and protections for students.
Privacy Resources for Social Media Users
Guidance on posting safely, online tracking, and navigating the privacy settings on some of the most popular social media platforms.
Privacy Resources for Library Tech Management
Patron privacy and cybersecurity checklists, policies, and training for library workers.
ILS Data & Vendors
Data security basics and privacy checklists for library staff to use when working with vendors.
Personal Cybersecurity & Online Harassment
Password management and digital self-defense resources.
Big Tech Alternatives: Tools & Software
Open-source tools and software.
Racism, Surveillance & Social Oppression
Issues with privacy and online surveillance including digital redlining, net neutrality, section 230, and surveillance technology.
Stay Current with Technology Trends
Offers professional development recommendations and links to our favorite resources for staying informed.
Links to Massachusetts and national legal resources and library advocacy.

We hope library workers will use this new statewide resource to find the information needed to help educate patrons about the importance of digital privacy, the privacy ramifications of current library technologies, and resources on how to advocate for responsible legislation around this topic in Massachusetts.

Michelle Spinney she/her
Member Services Manager
CLAMS Library Network