Andrea Puglisi was a participant in our 2016 SET Cohort. Since the conclusion of SET Andrea has been promoting technology use at her library as well as teaching technology workshops at the Berkshire Community College.

What did you learn about yourself as a participant in Project SET?
Project SET is a comfortable environment where participants are encouraged to self-reflect and grow together. Project SET helped me identify areas that I can improve on and gave me tools that I can use as I begin to shape my professional future. Project SET revealed areas where I am strong and areas that I hope to improve. Life is a process and Project SET has certainly helped me along!

Identify one goal you have for your career, your library, and for the Massachusetts library community?
Setting goals is so important when it comes to having a successful career! Over my career: I hope to foster creativity, passion and awareness for our communities that engage online and show them how to master new technology. Incorporating new technology and means of expression in my library is exciting to me; on the horizon is AR & VR — entire worlds to code, create and enjoy- wisely, of course! A goal that I have for the Massachusetts Library Community is to improve our outreach, messaging and marketing; librarians have big hearts and dreams, and we need the support to realize our collective potential.

Project SET is a professional learning cohort that supports the development of individual career goals and the exploration of other aspects of the library community. Every session provides the chance for participants to build knowledge, communication skills, connections, awareness, and confidence as an information professional.

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