Introducing Weronika Zawora! She is an Information Services Associate at Regis College. Recently we asked Weronika to share her Project SET experiences.

How did you become aware of Project SET, and what elements drew you to the program?
A few weeks after starting my position at Regis College this past winter, I came across a recruitment flyer for the 2018 Project SET cohort. Figuring it was a perfect opportunity to network with fellow libraries from across the state, it was an honor to discover I had been selected to join this year’s group. As a paraprofessional at a career crossroads, I am hopeful Project SET will serve as a guide in achieving future career goals.

What are your first impressions of the program and its intended outcomes?
So far, our monthly meetings have provided an opportunity to trade ideas and confer about similar challenges facing today’s librarians. Our presentation preparations allowed members to expand, modify and tailor our topics while simultaneously addressing our many public speaking concerns.

Project SET begins each year with a study of trends currently impacting libraries. Of the trends you’ve learned about which one do you feel will have the biggest impact on your library and why?
Since I work at an academic library, I select “Emerging Adulthood” a trend most impacting our students. As society continues to redefine the life goals that have (until recently) signified formal entry into adulthood, today’s students are looking to gain a competitive edge through extended and specialized academic programs. Libraries can help students achieve their scholastic goals through in-depth research help, by catering to the unique needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate scholars and by providing a safe place to study solo or collaborate with others.

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