Introducing Rhonda Cunha! She is the Early Literacy Children’s Librarian at Stevens Memorial Library. Recently we asked Rhonda to share her Project SET experiences.

How did you become aware of Project SET, and what elements drew you to the program?
I learned about Project SET in an email from MLS. I was interested mostly in improving my presentation skills, and figuring out how and what I wanted to say about literacy and working with children in a library setting so I could go out there and do some relevant awesome presentations!

What are your first impressions of the program and its intended outcomes?
For me, Project SET is a way to learn about all the library topics and current issues facing libraries that I might not be aware of. Because I am able to specialize within my field, my gaze has been hyper-focused on children’s and parents’ literacy issues and how to promote reading and a love of books. Project SET enables me to look up from all that navel-gazing to see my profession in a broader context, and with that, to understand the need for libraries to adapt to and embrace a rapidly changing world. I also especially appreciate the emphasis on presentation skills which is what initially drew me to Project SET. I am trying to figure out ways to promote literacy and creativity in new ways, and the ignite project and the mentors at SET have helped me to articulate my passions more specifically. I have also really enjoyed meeting librarians from other places/positions and exchanging ideas with them in person and through the discussion board.

Project SET begins each year with a study of trends currently impacting libraries. Of the trends you’ve learned about which one do you feel will have the biggest impact on your library and why?
Any of the trends that address broadening the scope of library services and how libraries can extend more into the communities. The tech end of things is obvious given today’s tech dependent culture.

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