Kristi Chadwick photo.Kristi Chadwick will depart as a consultant for the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) on May 10, 2024. We are thankful for Kristi’s dedication to Massachusetts libraries during her 10 years at MLS. Through her work, Kristi upgraded the Basic Library Techniques (BLTs) courses into their new online format, expanding access to more library workers. She worked alongside the 2015 Trustee Handbook Committee on the first revision of the Massachusetts Public Library Trustee Handbook in several years, which also involved drafting the initial version of the Trusty Trustee Handbook.

Kristi’s many accomplishments include collaborating on Project SET, co-coordinating the Small Library Forums with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC), and creating the Small Libraries Community Chats as a community-building opportunity for workers at small libraries.

We will miss Kristi and wish her the best of luck as she takes on her new role as director of the Ballston Community Public Library (NY) at the end of May.