Rob Lorino was a participant in our 2016 SET Cohort. Since the conclusion of SET Rob has presented both at MLA 2017 and NELA 2017.

What were your goals for Project SET? How did these develop throughout the Project? Did you meet them?
My biggest goal for Project SET was to feel more comfortable with public speaking. I definitely achieved this goal, but not in the way I expected. I had hoped to not feel nervous when I spoke in public, but what actually happened was that I realized everyone who gets up in front of a crowd and speaks feels at least a little uncomfortable. Even people that are great at it and do it all the time. This really helped me feel comfortable with my nerves and not let them overtake me when I’m presenting.

What did you learn about yourself as a participant in Project SET?
I learned I’m actually a better presenter than I give myself credit for. Through our discussion of professional development opportunities, I also learned that I need to set professional boundaries and not just say yes to every opportunity that comes my way. We only have a finite amount of energy to go around, and it’s best to focus that on opportunities you’re really excited about.

What one thing do you most want other people to know about your experience with Project SET? What are you most proud of?
Project SET is such a great experience for so many reasons. It’s great getting to meet new people and interact with librarians from settings you’d not normally get to interact with. I’m most proud that I was able to get in front of a room of directors and do a presentation on a topic I’m passionate about. Hopefully it changed some minds!

Identify one goal you have for your career, your library, and for the Massachusetts library community?
My biggest goal for my career, my library, and the Massachusetts library community is to completely change the way libraries treat video games. I want more libraries to have video games collections for all ages and consistently develop them. I want librarians to know how to field video game advisory questions. I want libraries to run video game programs for all ages. I want libraries to share their video game collections more widely and have loan rules that make sense for the format. I want libraries to not treat video games as delicate, precious things, but like any other resource they provide. I want libraries to circulate consoles to help provide access to this medium for their patrons who can’t afford to buy consoles.

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Project SET is a professional learning cohort that supports the development of individual career goals and the exploration of other aspects of the library community. Every session provides the chance for participants to build knowledge, communication skills, connections, awareness, and confidence as an information professional.