As MassCat Cataloger, I find bib records in OCLC for MassCat libraries and import them into the MassCat catalog. I also merge duplicate records, upgrade skimpy records and correct typos (some early records were hand keyed). There are several members who are as compulsive as I am and they send me information about issues they’ve found in the catalog that need my attention. I sometimes help members choose call numbers for their items.

Outside the office Dodie enjoys….

I read the local newspaper and do all of the puzzles: sudoku, wonderword, crossword.

I just started the second book of the Mrs. Polifax mystery series. I read mostly mysteries written by female authors and with female protagonists, though I do intersperse them with books on history. I’ve actually read all 4 volumes of Robert Caro’s biography of LBJ.

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